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Can the Industry Breach the Walled Gardens?
12 Min Read
12 Min Read

Can the Industry Breach the Walled Gardens?

The extraordinarily robust ecosystems of the Walled Gardens have created an uneven playing field for publishers, agencies and consumers.

Plotting the way forward for publishers and advertisers is perhaps one of the biggest struggles our industry faces. A diverse collection of experts from brands, publishers, tech companies and agencies gathered at Advertising Week 2020 to tackle the issue head on.

The panel outlines four areas which they feel need addressing to challenge the power of the Walled Gardens:

  • A lack of pervasive industry and consumer education;
  • Justifying marketing spend;
  • Fragmentation;
  • Endless logins

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About The Panelists

John Gentry - CEO at OpenX

Jay Glogovsky - Executive Director, Revenue Analytics & Operations at The New York Times

Jennifer Gardner - Senior Director Media, North America at Unilever

Jeremy Hlavacek - CRO, Watson Advertising at IBM

Jana Meron - Senior Vice President, Programmatic and Data Strategy at Insider Inc

David Minkin - VP, Strategic Planning & Delivery at Dow Jones

Katherine Striedel - Chief Product Officer, Data and Technology at GroupM

Peter Chun - SVP, Global Head of Partnerships & Growth at VaynerMedia & VaynerX

Ruth Mortimer - Managing Director, Global Education and Development, Advertising Week (Moderator)